Nowadays, the term Consuming Society is getting more and more widespread in our daily lives. People feel that they need any product although they don’t need actually. Young people have become an important marketing item with the help of marketing strategies, advertisements, and promotions today, so they are as effective as adults in terms of consumption type.
Rapidly increasing of production as well as consumption brings the term “maintaining” on minds as well. In the globalization world, maintaining is vital. Maintaining includes environmental, financial, and social topics and is defined as “people’s providing their available needs without changing the quantity and quality of future people’s needs”. Maintaining life and development process mainly focus on conscious consumer habits.
This is why consumption education has become an important global issue.
In today’s societies, children and teenagers have a right to be involved in the decision of consuming, but we should let them decide in a right way by teaching how to consume consciously.
To bring up children as the controller of consuming instead of being controlled by consuming itself is parents’ own responsibility. However, as children spend most of their time at schools, we think that it is also our responsibility to educate children about consuming at schools.
Our project will try to educate teenagers as responsible individuals who are more conscious and responsible consumers. We will try to decrease the negative effects of consumption on our students and schools, and, through them, we will try to reach all the partner schools` communities.