On May 9th, 2016, on the ocassion of the European Day and of the inauguration of the European Club in our high school, we disseminate our project in front of important guests such as: a representative of UNESCO, a representative of the City Hall, a representative of the National Agency of the Building Patrimony, two representatives of the ʺIon Mincuʺ National University of Architecture and a representative of the Educational Authority.

Also, on May 10th 2016, we post a banner on the front wall of the high school in order for it to be visible to all people and let our project become known.


After the second mobility the results and activities carried out in Gospic are disseminated through meetings of teachers and meetings of students.


In October 2015 Ms. Elena Geana, teacher of Chemistry and member of the project team, and Mrs. Dana Lupu, teacher of English and manager of the project, following the interviews they attend, are chosen as the participants in the mobility in Portugal, Lousado.

Starting January 2016 the team members begin to disseminate the results of the mobility within the school (at teachers’ meetings, students’ meetings and parents’ meetings).  

For the mobility in Croatia, Gospic, the following teachers and students are chosen to represent our school:

  • teachers: Monica Cazacu, head teacher, Dana Lupu, project manager, Elena Geana, monitor of activities, Daniela Ghica, attendant;
  • students: Malin Nicut, Amos Tarca, Alexandra Dima, Safak Isikyildiz, Alexandru Pana.

Prior to the departure in Croatia, Gospic, our students prepare the presentation of Bucharest and the film for the presentation of the high school.

In October – November 2015, our students become involved in the logo competition. A number of 40 students submit one or two logos that are evaluated according to previously established criteria among which: the level of clarity and accuracy, the capacity to fulfill multiple functions, to cross the geographical and linguistic barriers and  to capture the essential of the message. The coordinating teacher is Ms. Marilena Cane. The winning logos belong to Diana Coica, a student in the 11th grade, and Diana Bajenaru, a student in the 12th grade.