Maltepe Military High School is situated in Izmir, on the western coast of Turkey. It is a combination of greatest sea and sky scenes. A city of history and religion, İzmir includes a lot of sacred places for Christian world. Ephesus is an important area shaped by Hellenistic and Roman cultures. The biggest amphi-theater of our country is situated in Ephesus. Terrace Houses and The Temple of Artemis (one of the original 7 wonders of the world) are cultural structures of great significance. Also, The House of Virgin Mary, sacred for the Christian world, is in Ephesus. Celsus Library, Agora, Stadium, Prytenion, The Temple of Domitian, Trajan Fountain, Ephesus Museum, The Church of St. John, Sirince (the saved and sacred area from Apocalypse theory, according to Mayan calendar) are all in Ephesus, Izmir.
Maltepe Military High School started education in 1928. It is one of the two Turkish Land Forces military high schools together with Kuleli Military High School. Graduating from our school, our cadets will be commanders after going to Military Academy. Our school is one of the most successful schools in Turkey in terms of education and student quality. Chosen by difficult oral and written exams, our students are given outstanding education. Our school’s famous motto is “good person, exemplary citizen and perfect soldier”.
Our school offers tuition to 1400 students in three different areas of study: combat arts (vocational), mathematics – information technology (theoretical) and public works (technical). The students range between the ages of 14 and 19. There are 130 teachers working here.
In our school, all the procedures of evaluation and self-evaluation are implemented according to the national standards and requirements. There is also the Commission for Evaluating and Ensuring Quality which monitors how quality principles are followed and reports to higher authorities periodically.