IPIA "M.O. CORBINO" is made up of 39 classes with a population of about 700 students and 75 teachers. It is a state vocational school with different courses of studies: electrical, electric, mechanic, fashion and wellness. In our city, Partinico, the socio-economic situation is very problematic with a high rate of unemployment and with a medium-low cultural level. There are a lot of students who belong to economically and socially disadvantages families. Most students are not motivated enough to the studying and we believe that European projects may be also a good solution to involve them. Main objective of this project is for us to devise and put in place actions and methodologies able to help the students to learn to find a job, supporting them to become citizens with their rights and duties towards society, respectful of the rights of others, able to understand the fundamentals of democratic living and working with a critical sense in their choices.