FORAVE  is a vocational/technical private school located in Vila Nova de Famalicão, one of the most industrialized councils of the Ave Valley, in the North of Portugal. Established in 1990, FORAVE’s main aim is the preparation of qualified young and adult students, who want to acquire or improve skills to answer the demands of the changing world of work in the areas of Company Management, Industrial Maintenance, Polymers Technology, Electronics and Automation and Food Quality Control.
Our school is situated in the Ave Valley, a geographical region greatly affected by the economic crisis of the textile companies, once its great source of wealth. Most of our students belong to families with very low incomes and were at risk of giving up school. So, our main aim is the preparation of qualified youngsters, who can answer to the demands of the market and who can live creative, fruitful and successful lives. To reach these goals, FORAVE has established partnerships with the local community/authorities and the local enterprises and associations.
Our school takes part in European cooperation activities because we wish to give our students and our teachers the opportunity of facing new challenges and of improving their competencies, while being in touch with other countries, languages and cultures. We also wish to raise interest and motivation in all school components; to favour conditions that make innovative teaching/learning strategies possible while  encouraging group work; to improve relationships between the school and the outside organizations connected with it; to better understand young people realities in different contexts; to encourage the use of the new technologies; to enhance the learning of foreign languages and to exchange experiences through which European integration is improved and the school organization is enriched.