“Ion N. Socolescu” College of Architecture and Public Works is a century-old school with a long and important tradition in offering tuition to students interested in the area of architecture. It was first established as The School of Arts and Crafts in 1874 at the initiative of Ion N. Socolescu, a famous architect of the time, and it has grown and developed to its present status. Our college is located in the centre of Bucharest, the capital of Romania, 10 minutes’ walk from Victoria Palace (the Government of Romania) and roughly the same distance from Gara de Nord (the most important train station in the country).
The faculty of our college consists of around 40 teachers and there are almost 500 students who focus on three different fields of study: architecture (vocational), mathematics-information technology (theoretical) and public works (technical). Our students range from the age of 14 to the age of 18.
The vision by which both the teachers and the students carry out the process of learning is that we need to adjust to the demands of the post-high school and university environment, as well as to those of the working environment, and to build life-long learning abilities.  We also understand, assume and promote the values of European democracy and take the responsibility of building positive attitudes towards ourselves and the others.